Can the Beach Bangles get wet?  
You betcha!  That's what we love about them!  They are waterproof, sunscreen proof, lotion proof, etc, so feel free to wear them all day, every day!

Can I request a specific size?
Each item is made by hand, and the size varies slightly.  Most bracelets are between 6cm-8cm.  If you need a set that is on the smaller or larger side, please email us at sales@modishdeisgn.co and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

What are the Beach Bangles made from?
They are made from recycled flip flops, making them lightweight and flexible.  They do not contain any metal.

Are the bracelets Fair Trade?
Yes!  We are proud to sell Fair Trade product that is not only beautiful, but also helps the women of Africa provide for their families!

What is the best way to get the bracelets on and off?  
Simply roll each bracelet over your hand, onto your wrist.  They are so lightweight and comfortable, most people leave them on 24/7.



Can I order custom colors?
At this time, we are not accepting custom orders for tile bracelets.  

Can the tile bracelets get wet like the Beach Bangles?
No.  The beads are enamel coated alloy, so we recommend you do not get these bracelets wet.

Will the enamel chip?
Due to the nature of enamel, slight chipping is normal.  Avoid banging your wrist on hard surfaces to ensure your bracelets have a long, beautiful life!



Are your earrings lead and nickel free?
Yes!  All of the materials we use are free of both lead and nickel.  The gold earring hooks and posts are 18k gold plated, and the silver earring hooks and posts are silver plated.  

Will they tarnish?
Gold and silver plated items will eventually tarnish, but the plating process ensures that with good care, your jewelry will have a long life!  Raw brass items may spot over time due to oxidation, but that can be remedied by cleaning your brass pieces with Brasso!



Where do you ship? 
Currently, we are only shipping orders in the USA.  We hope to expand soon!

Do your beaded bracelets come in multiple sizes?  In most cases, we can custom make any size you need.  Send us a message with your specifications!