Giving Back

MODish Design Co is proud to support the KCMO Angels in providing support for the foster children and families in our community

MODish Design Co is proud to support the KCMO Angels!  

From the very beginning, I wanted MODish to be more than just cute accessories.  I wanted to help make a difference.  With so many amazing non-profit programs available, making a choice was overwhelming.  Ultimately, I chose to partner with the KCMO Angels for a number of reasons, but most importantly I love knowing that my contributions are actually making a direct impact in my community.  
KCMO Angels non-profit foster care support


The KCMO Angels focus on wrapping community around children and families in the foster care system through intentional giving, relationship building, and mentorship.  Their vision is to create a sustainable change in the foster care system and to see every child in care supported.  

A portion of every single purchase from MODish Design Co goes to help these foster children and the families who care for them.  
To learn more about the KCMO Angels or to donate directly, visit